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Peters Beef

From Our Farm To Your Family

Peters Beef is a 4th generation family-run farm that provides quality freezer beef at prices you won't find in your local grocery store.  

In 2019, Peters Beef started offering 1/4's & 1/2's to friends and family and word quickly spread.  Now Peters Beef supplies a variety of customers including restaurants, facilities, and community events. 


All Natural Beef

No added hormones, free of antibiotics


Grass fed and forage finished that results in extra marbling and results in restaurant quality flavor


Cuts are carefully vacuum sealed to prevent leaks and ensure freshness when ready to be used. 

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Bulk Options

Bulk Options

1/4  Cow 

1/4 cow is a great option for families looking to fill their freezer with quality beef.  1/4's average around 90 lbs of total beef with 45 lbs of ground beef. 

Cuts are vacuum sealed, pickups are in Plover, WI.

1/2  Cow 

1/2 cow averages 180 lbs total of quality cut beef.  1/2 cow orders are great for families of 4+ with freezer space to spare.  Customers tend to order 1/2 cows and split with family members and friends.

Cuts are vacuum sealed, pick ups in Plover, WI.

Ground Beef 

90% lean / 10% fat

Peters Beef has ground beef available to order.  Ground beef comes in 1 lb tubes and can be picked up in Plover, WI

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"We bought from Peters Beef and definitely worth it. Taste better than any retail store. We will be buying from them again."

Barry E.

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