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Peters Beef: A Tradition of Quality, A Legacy of Flavor! 


Welcome to Peters Beef, where four generations of agricultural expertise have blossomed into a thriving legacy of premium beef products! In 2020, Ryan and Kristy Peters responded to the growing demand for high-quality bulk beef, and what began as a humble venture within their community has now evolved into a Midwest sensation.


-Peter's Beef is strategically advancing its supply chain!

Through expanded partnerships with like-minded domestic and international collaborators who share our values and commitment to creating quality beef through regenerative practices.


-Peter's Beef is seizing new processing opportunities!

We are able to cater to accounts of all sizes, ensuring a versatile and inclusive approach to our customer base. This expansion in both supply partnerships and processing capabilities reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier beef products while embracing growth and diversity in the ever-evolving market landscape.

-Peters Beef Branded and Private Label Programs!

As our popularity soared, so did our offerings! Now, Peters Beef is thrilled to provide full truck load volumes under our trusted Peters brand or tailor-made for your private label program. Quality, quantity, and customization – we've got it all covered.


-Competitive Prices, Unbeatable Quality!

Our commitment to providing top-notch beef at competitive prices has fueled our growth. Peters Beef has become synonymous with quality and affordability, making us a household name across the Midwest.


-From Our Family to Yours!

Peters Beef is not just a brand; it's a family tradition spanning five generations. Join us in celebrating the legacy of the Peters family and savor the flavor that only generations of expertise can deliver.


-The Finest Beef Selection!

Peters Beef offers a diverse range of beef products to satisfy every palate. From savory steaks to mouthwatering ground beef, we bring the farm-fresh goodness of the Peters family to your table.


Peters Beef - Where Quality Meets Tradition, One Bite at a Time!

Peters Beef 

Product Attributes

- Grassfed - Never in Confinement

​- No Antibiotics or Added Hormones
- Angus (optional)
- Non-GMO  
- Halal (optional)

Peters Beef stands unwavering in its dedication to regenerative practices and the highest standards of animal welfare. We believe in fostering a harmonious relationship between agriculture and the environment, emphasizing regenerative techniques that not only sustain but enhance the land. Our commitment extends to the well-being of our animals, ensuring they thrive in a natural and stress-free environment. Our cattle graze on open pastures, indulging in a diet that consists solely of 100% grass, promoting their natural behaviors and overall health. We prioritize ethical treatment and humane conditions, recognizing that the welfare of our animals is integral to the quality of our product. By adhering to these principles, Peters Beef not only produces top-quality, 100% Grass Fed Beef but also contributes to the regeneration of ecosystems and the promotion of compassionate farming practices. 

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